Endorsement Application For Existing Centres

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This is the ATHE Centre ID number on your Certificate. If you are unsure please get in touch.
Please note point 5 in the Terms and Conditions below
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i.e. types of venue/rooms that will be used, technology/IT, workbooks, etc
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Including subjects/topics covered
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i.e. the type of learners targeted and/or any specific occupations, sectors or markets
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These are the hours that the average learner will need to be under instruction or direct supervision of staff, including assessment
This includes the hours that the average learner will need to spend on work, which is set but not supervised by staff, e.g. homework. Add this to the GLH above to estimate the TQT
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ATHE may request extra information on this during the endorsement process as required
1. The organisation agrees to pay all fees outlined by ATHE as detailed on the invoice, by the agreed date. Should the decision be not to endorse we would refund the fee less our costs with a clear explanation of the reasons why we were not able to endorse the programme. 2. The organisation is allowed to use ATHE Endorsed Programme logo on all publicity and Programme materials according to the Guidelines for using ATHE Endorsed Programme logo. The Logo will not be used until the endorsement process is complete and will be withdrawn immediately if the endorsement ends. The Endorsed Programme logo will only be used for a programme which is currently endorsed by ATHE. 3. ATHE will provide the learning provider with an ATHE certificate of endorsement for the endorsed learning programme. This certification will be renewed on an annual basis on payment of the annual renewal fees and on continuation of the organisation meeting the endorsement criteria. 4. For all learners who successfully complete an ATHE-endorsed programme the organisation will order an embossed security protected completion certificate from ATHE who will print the certificates with ATHE Endorsed Programme logo, the organisation name and logo, the programme name, learner name and other information as agreed on at the time of approval. Only certificates printed by ATHE can contain ATHE name and logo. 5. As a regulated awarding organisation in compliance with Ofqual requirements we need to clearly differentiate between what we certificate as an Ofqual regulated qualification and what we certificate as an ATHE endorsed programme. We would therefore not be able to use titles or wording on the certificate that would be associated with regulated qualifications, such as Diploma, Certificate or Award. We would similarly not be able to show the Grade of passing or the Level (e.g., Level 6) on the Endorsement certificates as this information is reserved for Qualification certificates. 6. The organisation will submit to ATHE an annual review form provided by ATHE by January 31st each year, subsequent to a minimum of one year after Endorsement has been achieved. 7. The organisation must notify ATHE in writing of any changes to the information provided on this application form, including outsourcing of delivery to any third parties. 8. ATHE requires three months written notice of the cessation of this endorsement. If this notice is not given the programme will remain endorsed for the next 12 months and the organisation will be liable for full costs. ATHE will not be responsible for alerting the organisation of these dates. 9. The copyright on any materials submitted to ATHE will remain with the author(s) of those materials. 10. ATHE reserves the right to withdraw endorsement if any of the following situations arise: • the Terms and Conditions listed above are not followed • information provided to ATHE is found to contain significant errors or omissions • significant or major changes to the organisation or to its programme or training methods are not reported to ATHE • serious, verified complaints about an endorsed programme are made by delegates or their employers. • misleading claims about the endorsed status of any programme delivered by the organisation are made • inappropriate use of ATHE Endorsed by Logo